Sunday, January 30, 2011

There's a Serial Litter Bug on the Loose in Princeton, MA!

The Fahm is situated on a truly lovely road in the middle of some truly lovely countryside.

Our road is shared with a handful of other people, and is mercifully not a heavy commute artery.  This is also mercifully a low crime area, with one glaring exception.  An individual - as yet unknown - who regularly drives our road also regularly dumps articles of trash on the road.
The trash contained in the deposits each time are remarkably similar in one aspect: each litter drop includes at least one large Bud Lite beer can.  

Often an empty bag of chips is also involved although that is not always the case.

I suspect The Princeton Litter Bug is a regular on our road, either a local who uses it like any other back road to get from point A to point B, or (gasp!) one of our neighbors. I try not to take it personally that so very many of the Bud Lite cans end up between our place and Ball Hill Rd.; I prefer to think of it as coincidence, and not as someone showing their displeasure at our presence in the neighborhood.

Being the Great Detective that I am not I've even thought about taking the trash down to the Princeton police and ask them to take fingerprints off the can since littering isn't just ANNOYING, it is also ILLEGAL.  Oh yeah, stand back, I'm about to get all C.S.I. on this crime wave.

I'm done picking up somebody else's garbage, and even though I find it hard to believe that anyone who drives this road regularly would also deliberately befoul it, that is indeed the case.  Pack it in, pack it OUT, 'bro. I'm tired of seeing your SCAT.