Long time urbanites Raj, Sara, and The Kittehs relocate to a 270-year-old farmhouse in rural Massachusetts. Hi-jinks, high drama and hi-larity ensue...

This blog has birthed a damn fine book, "...a year's worth of hilarious observations and amusing anecdotes,"according to Kirkus Reviews, in fact! 

Contact: ouryearatthefahm@gmail.com


Why do so many of your archived posts say 'page not found'? What the hell?

I have unpublished those posts that now comprise the book. I want interested parties to BUY the book, now that I've gone to all the trouble of writing it, and graphic designer Jean Santen Hayes designed such a wicked gorgeous book jacket for it. 

Do you still live at The Fahm?
Indeed I do.

May I visit The Fahm?
Only if we can put you to work immediately.