Thursday, July 22, 2010

Schnitty: Missing & Presumed Dead

Schnitty lived most of her long life outdoors, and in the end, died outside, victim most likely of a fox or coyote. She was an accomplished hunter, and in the last weeks of her life presented us with multiple dead rodents, large and small, always killed bloodlessly, and left for us at the back doors, belly up, in a pose of ultimate surrender.

Before allowing her to resume her full time outdoor privileges, Raj and I discussed the possible consequences and in the end decided that she would be happier outside than in, and if it came to it, we felt that she would prefer to die outside rather than in. So. 

Raj and I are sad, both about losing Schnitty, and the likely stressful manner of her demise.

RIP Schnitty. You were a very, very, VERY good Kitteh. You are missed.