Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Easy Steps for Becoming a Radical Homemaker

10 Easy Steps for Becoming a Radical Homemaker:

  1. Commit to hanging your laundry out to dry.
  2. Dedicate a portion of your lawn to a vegetable garden.
  3. Get to know your neighbors. Cooperate to save money and resources.
  4. Go to your local farmers' market each week before you head to the grocery store.
  5. Do some spring cleaning to identify everything in your home that you absolutely don’t need. Donate to help others save money and resources.
  6. Make a commitment to start carrying your own reusable bags and use them on all your shopping trips.
  7. Choose one local food item to learn how to preserve for yourself for the winter.
  8. Get your family to spend more evenings at home, preferably with the TV off.
  9. Cook for your family.
  10. Focus on enjoying what you have and who you are with. Stop fixating on what you think you may need, or how things could be better "if only."