Monday, July 26, 2010

A Note From My Friend Tina

...who has a birthday today, July 26th, followed shortly thereafter by ... ahem ... MINE. :)

"Hey, "almost birthday girl"...I miss you like a fat kid misses cake!"
Ditto, Miss Tina Thompson! Have a lovely day, and DO have cake, in lieu of an in-person birthday hug!

Tina, Unidentified Snap Crasher, & Me circa 1979-80.  

Tina, after more than thirty years, looks pretty much exactly the same as in this picture, other than that her hair is calico now rather than light brown.  The years have been very, very kind to Tina. On the other hand, I am certainly very happy that I do not look the same as in this picture; my hair style is especially fabulous, don't you think? All poofy and lopsided and what have you, with a piece of gum tucked in my chipmunk cheek ... 

More important to note however is the Barry Manilow sheet music on the piano behind us - or is that a record album sleeve?  No matter, at any rate, yup, that's right, Barry Manilow.  

Have a Very Barry Manilow Day, Tina, on your Very Happy Birthday!!