Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What if All You Need to Have a 'Beach Body' is to GO TO THE BEACH?

That's just crazazy talk! Via xojane
"The phrase ['Beach Body'] has become damn ubiquitous in the late spring/early summer months over the past few years, and while its origins may be innocuous enough, unsurprisingly I have Problems with how it has proliferated.
Problem #1 The whole “beach body” concept assumes that there is only one body that is beach-worthy -- and it probably doesn't look like whatever body you've already got.
The beach body is a body with strict limits and rules and expectations about thigh gaps, cellulite (none), breast size (just right), upper arm tone, and cankle status. You will need to do a lot of work -- and probably buy a lot of products -- to even approach beach body standing, and you are unlikely to ever fully succeed, because you’re not supposed to. You’re really only supposed to TRY.
Right about now, we’re inundated with the “beach bodies” of celebrities alongside instructions on how to get your own, even without hours to spend every day exercising and a staff of professionals to coach us there. The result is that going to the beach starts to look like an activity that only a rare few are entitled to experience confidently.
Thus some of us wind up with the idea that we can’t wear (or even own) a swimsuit or go to a beach, until we have the correct body for it.
I’m pretty disinclined to refer to people’s personal choices as “sad” because that usually reeks to me of concern-trolling, but it does make me a little sad, the number of women I've known who have steadfastly insisted that they refuse to even consider the application of swimwear to their horrifyingly imperfect bodies -- and most of them have been women firmly in the average range so far as weight is concerned.
While I support everyone’s right to feel their feelings, especially about their body, I am so not down with letting external pressures prevent you from doing the fun stuff you’d otherwise like to do -- if only you didn't have the “wrong” kind of body.  >>Read more