Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This American Life - Unlike Any I Have Ever Known, Reprise

Originally posted November 2, 2010.

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail I sent to my brother Greg recently; upon reflection, I think it's a pretty good thumbnail of what we've got going on here at The Fahm and in our new life, and as such thought it appropriate to share with any "City Folk" who might be reading:

"[I] receive on a daily basis practical and theoretical lessons in physics, meteorology, mechanics, thermodynamics, colloquial language, zoology, agriculture, home economics, land use, and resource management.

Living here is so physical that your brain and your body are completely occupied with that physicality - the problems solved, the solutions executed, revolve around actual physical things - things that make sense inherently: if it doesn't work, you're missing something. The physical relationship to this reality is very grounding - an experience so humbling and yet one that has nothing to do with "who you are;" instead, it has everything to do with irrevocable (T)ruths: fire burns when you touch it and you'll freeze without it, your nearest neighbor is also your best friend in hard times, 20 mph wind @ 20 degrees farenheit is really f**king cold, bears really do shit in the woods, and that one does survive 11 days without electrical power in the 21st century..."

In a nutshell, my friends, in a NUTshell.