Friday, February 4, 2011

I am not a collector – I am an assembler

From left to right: Helen Brennan's baby shoes, circa 1907; photo of Stella Feigle, Philadelphia, PA, August 1893; quotation by Gayatri Spivak via my bro Joe; Nancy van Zelm's French-English dictionary - 1932; BAEDEKER'S PARIS AND ITS ENVIRONS - 1900; BAEDEKER PARIS ET SES ENVIRONS - 1911; Bob Parker's watch; Bob Parker's pocket edition of The Finest Story in the World;  photo of Jim and Tom Parker; ivory thimble; sterling silver thimble; photo from left to right of Cousin Pauline, Cousin Jean, & Helen Brennan.
Shelf, detail
Shelf, detail
"Acceptance of radical vulnerability" - Gayatri Spivak