Saturday, January 22, 2011

The "Our Year at The Fahm" Experience Now Available at Cat Alley Antiques!

Today was a very big day here at The Fahm as today marks the debut of the "Our Year at The Fahm" experience at Cat Alley Antiques & Artisans in Barre, MA!  
Now you too can share our world - although without the dirt, the dead mice, or the fussy furnace!  I have rented a teeny tiny space at Cat Alley Antiques & Artisans, and today I filled it with many of the treasures I have accumulated since moving to The Fahm in September '09.  Our Dear Neighbor Monique was kind enough to assist with the "installation." The treasures aren't *actually* from The Fahm (as in, THIS Fahm) but they are, for the most part, very much like those at The Fahm, and are therefore eligible for inclusion. 
Setting up
Monique had a finite amount of time to help so we moved fast!
In addition to antiques and whatnot, I am actively promoting greeting cards and t-shirts emblazoned with the "Blessed are The Cracked for They shall let in the Light" message, and selling four original pieces of O-riginal Art. "Blessed are The Cracked" has become something of a motto here at The Fahm: 
If you've been following our adventures on this blog, you know very well why; if you haven't been following along, I invite you to do so right away, starting here. As our friend Dean said not so long ago, "Some of it is interesting!" Here are the end results of today's excitement:
Shotgun shell, slingshot & empty bottle = A Very Bad Boy
Thoughts?  C O M M E N T S ?  Anybody? Anybody??