Friday, April 9, 2010

Gathering My Constituents

As I wrote David Holmes this very morning, I have been collecting dirty old windows, rusted iron scroll work, ancient bottles, random bits of horse paraphernalia, and one daguerreotype in an intricately engraved little frame. My goal is to try to find such items for FREE, and I am happy to report that the two largest windows were just that. 

Raj and I first saw the pair on our way home from Hartford over the winter in a pile of junk, in a snowdrift, next to one of the smaller highways.  We whizzed past that day without turning around, as neither one of us really felt like digging them out at that very moment. The next time I saw them was returning from Hartford in late February, this time by myself. I slammed on the brakes and jumped out - it was just starting to snow and dusk was approaching but dang! I wanted those windows! I grabbed the near edge of the one closest to the top of the pile of junk and snow and gave it a tug.  Nothing.  I tugged harder. Still nothing.  The window - indeed the entire pile of junk - was frozen solid in a massive debris lump.  Those windows were not going to come out of that pile until Mud Season.

I finally achieved free window success in late March - that is, mid-Mud Season, also on the return from Hartford, also alone.  Once again, slamming on the brakes, turning on the hazard lights and hopping out of the car to grab them. They were no longer frozen, just muddy, sandy, and wet.  All glass intact though - an added treat and a remarkable occurrence in the world of roadside window retrieval.

The last couple of days I have been arranging all My Constituents into groups and families, waiting to see something interesting.