Saturday, January 15, 2011

Facebook & Privacy ... HA HA HA!

Here's one reason to aggressively manage your Facebook privacy settings and to limit the information you do post to that which you actually intend the world to see and exploit.  "Ah!" you say, "No worries HERE - I've never sent naked pictures to anyone."  Before you get too comfy in illusions of having your privacy intact, ask yourself if there is anything in your e-mail "Sent" folder that you would prefer be kept private?  Say...a message to a lover?  Or your lawyer?  Hmm...that makes it a whoooole different story, don't you think?
[Name Redacted] Used Facebook To Hack Women's Emails*
* [Name Redacted] in this instance is not the same [Name Redacted] as the one mentioned here, here, and here.