Friday, January 14, 2011

Have Any of YOU Encountered...

...the Anti-social media side of Facebook or Myspace (or Mybook or Facepage or ...)?  Surely (or as we say around here, Shirley) I am not the only one to experience such randomness? DO SHARE in the comments, Dear Readers!  I want to know that I am not alooooone...

If you comment I will pay you $15,000 'comment' a delicious recipe right back at ya!

Here's the whole thread:
Text message to me from my friend Tina:
[Name Redacted, an old boyfriend of Sara's from high school] just sent me a msg on Facebook and said whatever happened to Sara. Guess he was really happy to find me! Lol!
Text message from me to Tina:
What an asshole. He must be suddenly single and looking 2 get laid!
Message to me via Facebook from [Name Redacted]:
From: [Name Redacted]
Subject: OMG
Is this" THE Sara?" I'd love to catch up. - [Name Redacted]
Reply to [Name Redacted] via Facebook:
From: Sara
why, yes indeed this IS ''the'' are you?
Reply to me via Facebook from [Name Redacted]:
From: [Name Redacted]
Where do I start? Where are you? How are you? How is your family? and on and on....Why arent there more pixs of you?
Reply to [Name Redacted] via Facebook:
From: Sara
I an currently living in [Small Town], MA in (for me), very strange circumstances. you? looks like you have kids...wife? ex-wife? i have no children, an ex-husband, and a partner of 5+ years, rajinder.
my family is, for all intents and purposes, very well. 
what/who have you become? how's your [profession] treating you?
Text message to me from my friend Tina:
I saw on [Name Redacted]'s Facebook page he is recently divorced. You called it!
Text message from me to my friend Tina:
Also explains why he didn't send another message after finding out i have a boyfriend and live 3000 miles away. Lol!
Personal e-mail from Tina to me:
From Tina 
Subject: My reply via Facebook to [Name Redacted]...
Sara lives in the East with her significant other, Raj. She is doing really well. One of those great friends I can pick up mid-sentence with, no matter how long between visits. I just wish she wasn't so darn far away now, but she is having quite the adventure. I enjoy hearing about a CA girl living amidst the seasons. 
[Not that you asked but] I'm doing great. Married to my high school/college boyfriend I should have married first. Hindsight is 20/20, eh? How are things in your world? Happy new year!

After several days: 
From Tina to me:
[Name Redacted] never answered me back.
From me to Tina:
[Name Redacted] is Exhibit A in this case of Mid-life Crisis, Your Honor. He's going with the Mid-life Crisis defense, which is a lot like the Twinkies defense only with less hair and fewer personal insights.
Facebook is not only "Social Media" - it is also "Anti-social Media!"