Tuesday, January 25, 2011

9 Degrees F, Weather Service Threat Level Orange

I went to the grocery store yesterday bragging rights and pulled the car up to the coal room to unload the groceries. I then broke a cardinal rule of Winter which is, PUT YOUR CAR AWAY WHEN A SNOW STORM IS COMING, and went merrily about the rest of my afternoon's business.  In my zeal to get the little booth open at Cat Alley I neglected all of my usual radical housemakering in favor of preparation for that event. This neglect finally became unbearable and, after clambering over mounds of laundry to get to my sock drawer, I inquired of Raj if he thought we could borrow Johnny Sobel's big bulldozer-y truck to move the laundry downstairs? In the end we did not borrow the bulldozer although it did take several trips over the course of the day to make a dent in the piles.

This is all just to tell of how I ended up outside in 9 degree F weather at 7:00 a.m. scraping an inch of snow off the windows and roof of the car before slithering and sliding my way into The Bahn. It is positively shocking how poor my driving-on-snow-and-ice skills are; I've gotten stuck in the driveway at least three times so far this winter and have had to endure the humiliation of asking Raj to liberate the car from the snow drift since I was not up to the task.  This morning, however, I was completely successful in backing the car slooooowly down the driveway (and only a little bit into the snowdrift this time) until I reached the end, then slooooowly lurching up the infinitesimal hill between the driveway and the stall.

I came out of The Bahn and then danced a Sally O'Malley-style jig up the driveway, singing, "I DID it, I DID it" before nearly losing my balance on the ice hidden under the new puffy sparkly snow.  Ice is sneaky that way. I sobered up immediately and headed inside to tend the fire in The Gift Stove, which was muttering and threatening to die if someone didn't FEED it something RIGHT AWAY. 

I see that it is now a balmy 12 degrees F, and snowing every so delicately. It looks like it will be a very nice day!