Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lest We Forget

...The Fahm has more than one alias, the first being Brimstone Manor, the second, The Vortex - and The Fahm has more than one alias for a reason, that is, SHIT HAPPENS HERE.  In order to jog our memory (should we get too comfortable) several events (or manifestations, if you prefer) have extranspired.

A partial list of "reminders" below:
  • The Dining Room floor has developed an alarmingly squishy sag in one corner, the corner nearest The Maid Stairs;
  • Our oldest and most experienced hunter Kitteh is M.I.A., presumed dead;
  • Mosquitoes and other biting insects have feasted upon my flesh without surcease resulting in my body being covered in itchy hard itchy red itchy irritated itchy boils that take weeks to heal;
  • I have been afflicted with severe asthma this spring and summer, as well as debilitating chronic pain, and therefore gasp, limp, gimp, and groan my way through my Daily Life (which SUCKS and is SO FRUSTRATING AND STRESSFUL that I don't even have language to articulate);
  • One of the attic windows succeeded in detaching itself, frame and all, from the rest of the house;
  • Lola scratched both Raj and Vini so severely recently that she left behind swelling, pain, and severe itching;
  • Tricksy requires surgery to remove a tiny tho malignant tumor from the back of her neck; 
  • Scarab beetles have attacked the one rose I am actually cultivating;
  • The I.R.S. levied the very bank account we planned to use to pay our (extension filed) 2009 taxes because of an unresolved "issue" in re our 2007 tax obligations;
  • Rodents continue to run rampant and wreak havoc at The Fahm and have thereby taken an enormous toll upon My Poor Nerves, not to mention any wild ideas of if inflicting actual SANITATION on The Fahm...
  • Lola finally did that which we KNEW would happen eventually, that is, she brought a live mouse up onto our bed in the middle of the night;
So yeah, in addition to all the lovely stuff about vegetables from our Garden, and Our Crops, and our tasty new recipes, there is also *this* aspect of my summer "vacation" ... you know the old cliche, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger? In my experience, what doesn't kill me makes me IRRITABLE.