Friday, August 13, 2010

Farm Hands Sure Are ... Handy!

Yesterday was a very busy day here at The Fahm; it was Joe and Benjamin's last full day so we wanted to cram as many things into it as possible.  Joe and I went to Big Y (American Owned!) and Rocky's Ace Hardware in Holden. We got vittles at Big Y and gate parts for our Gate Building Exercise, scheduled for later in the day.  As a side note, it seems I absolutely cannot get out of Big Y without spending at least a hundred bucks, and it also seems as if we go to the Big Y several times per week.  I was hoping our grocery bills would go down via the Fruit of Our Garden but nooooooooo, this is THE VORTEX where the zero sum game has been elevated to an art form.


After completing our business in Holden we drove back to The Fahm, stowed the groceries, made lunch, woke Benjamin, played with Zoya, got Benjamin settled at the computer writing a school-related email, cleaned up the kitchen, and talked amongst ourselves. Then Joe and I went outside to start the Gate Building Exercise, Benjamin finished his email and came downstairs to help, Raj joined us for the critical measuring and hinge decision phase, Raj went back inside, Benjamin began measuring and sawing wood for the frame, Joe went off with loppers to the back field and cut and dragged great mounds of brush and branches, logs, and leaves around, before cutting fence posts for Our Garden while I hung Barn Art. It was a very sweaty time but it was also a very productive time, in very many ways.
Barn Art as seen from the west side of Our Garden next to the stone fireplace.
A little closer.
Horse shoes and a broken ladder sure are pretty...

...though not as pretty as my Barbed Wire Bouquet...