Monday, January 11, 2010

The Curve

The Fahm lies right in the middle of a fairly significant curve in The Road. The curve does not look as sharp as it is, which makes it rather stealthy.

Legend has it that some years ago in wintertime, a group of Reckless Youths drove their car right off The Road due to The Curve, and after that The Curve became somewhat notorious.  I was a describing where we live to someone, a Native New Englander, and she identified The Fahm correctly, saying, "You mean that old blue place on The Curve?  With the barn? You know that's a bad curve there, especially in wintah!" 

Truer words were never spoken.  Since Snow has become a regular Guest, two pick-up trucks have skidded out enough to drive two wheels up on Our Lawn as they belatedly practiced weather-appropriate driving and tried to brake when they saw what they were dealing with.  And a third incident took place the other night when a hapless teenage driver, a boy, drove the family car right off the road and up into the drifts piled next to Our Driveway.

The kid spun his wheels trying to get out of our front yard, the car quite naturally became stuck as is their wont in these inclement times, so Raj went out to help.  He reported back that the kid was on his way to pick up pizza for the family supper when said incident took place;  after a short while, the kid's Dad arrived in another car, checked in with the kid, then headed off himself into town to get the pizza, after instructing his son to call a tow truck.  After a while Raj came in, shivering; after another little while, the tow truck arrived to remove the car and the kid.

If We are ever bored, We can just look out the front window and watch cars and trucks run right off the rails, right in front of The Fahm! In all seriousness, it is a serious and sneaky curve: it just lies in wait for distracted drivers...