Friday, October 9, 2009


Raj and I agreed the other day that The Fahm must lie in a tourbillon (a real word that I did not make up but that I lurve) along the lines of the Bermuda Triangle, or more benignly, the Santa Cruz Mystery SpotMurphy's Law trumps every other law including, occasionally, Newton's and Einstein's.

Things that should fit, do not. Items disappear with appalling regularity before reappearing in unexpected places.  Repair and/or replacement of virtually anything on The Fahm costs approximately 4x the national average for the same repair anywhere else AND is 4x more complicated. Latched doors open of their own accord. Lamps turn on and off by themselves in the middle of the night. As noted previously, kitchen utensils are capable of independent motion.

Brimstone Manor - aka The Fahm - is upping the ante!  ;)