Wednesday, April 2, 2014

'Our Year at The Fahm' - After 4.5 *Actual Years* - is Drawing to a Close

As all good things must do, our time here at The Fahm as full time residents is slowly drawing to a close. I am fresh off a month-long employment and housing exploration in my favorite hometown ever, Santa Cruz, CA, where we will be relocating - at least part-time - sooner rather than later.

The plan has been in the works for more than a few months and we are slooowly starting to see results in the form of multiple job interviews become reality squeezed in between walking Molly (Mom's new dog; along West Cliff Dr. and the rest of the west side), visiting The Buttery and Emily's, frequenting New Leaf Market (downtown and west side), Trader Joe's (downtown), Safeway (west side), visits with Elizabeth Quinn near the yacht harbor, and more trips than I care to admit to Bookshop Santa Cruz (downtown).

O! I do so love Santa Cruz, that hippie-welcoming, patchouli-scenting, alternative lifestyle-promoting, CSA/Homeless Project-pioneering, surf-obsessing, consciousness-raising, Silicon Beach-aspiring, sea lion-loving, Poop Fairy-denying, tree-hugging, real estate price-gouging sanctuary on the Montery Bay, where my family history stretches back over three decades, and our "ancestral manse" (such as it is) is located...

Much has changed for me, for us, for everyone, since late 2009 when we last resided in the San Francisco Bay Area, and even more has changed since I left Santa Cruz (under protest) for Oakland in 2002. Some for better, some for worse, some TBD. But this is a homecoming nevertheless, and excitement abounds!

Moving forward, there will likely be no more NEW Our Year at The Fahm posts. Should you wish to, you can follow details of my new exploits, adventures, art works, and items of general interest at the blushingly bare (for the moment) Stay tuned there for more soon...