Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MA "RomneyCare" Site is Also Dysfunctional

I spent 42 minutes and 30 seconds on the phone with a very helpful Massachusetts State Health Care Connector customer service representative who was kind enough to walk me through signing up for an account only to get this error:
The very helpful Massachusetts State Health Care Connector customer service representative was able to tell they had been seeing this same error all day, they can see the error on their end, it is a known issue, and their people are working on fixing it.

Really? Well, being the inquisitive former software QA tester that I am, after we concluded our phone conversation, I went back to the website and started poking around. It wasn't long before I found the (additional) following bugs on the site:
  • In the Get Help FAQ, the Read more frequently asked questions link goes to an error page which features this lovely family

  • Clicking Visit Support Area in Get Help spawns a little pop-up box which reads, The page at says Target Unreachable, 'SubscriberBean' returned null For more information please see the server's error log...server exception 
  • My Account Overview tab: clicking the "Coverage Options" button doesn't do anything
  • Profiles and Settings My Profile: Body text needs copy-editing and has a typo: We make it easy to update your information. Hence, you can change your password settings, phone number, email address, contact preferences and support services. Do you need to de-activate your account?Click here to find out how.
  • Profiles and Settings My Profile: Account Preferences section is empty
And then I got tired and bored with doing someone else's job and not getting paid for it so I stopped. Obviously MA didn't allow enough time for testing either...tsk, tsk...when will people learn?