Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Unattended Death Still Under Investigation ... is it ... MURDER?

In December of 2011, a mysterious death occurred right here in Princeton, not half a mile from the Town Center and the town has been abuzz since, mostly because no one who knew anything could say anything. Here are headlines with latest developments:

UPDATE ----------------------------

Desilets pleads not guilty in death of wife; pretrial conference set for Feb. 5

Manslaughter and assault and battery charges read against him; bail set at $5,000 cash

Roger P. Desilets Jr. was arraigned Jan. 2 in Worcester Superior Court on charges relating to the 2011 death of his wife at the couple’s home in Princeton. For more on the story, go to The Landmark.

UPDATE ----------------------------

Desilets went through window, husband tells police

Couple argued about infidelity, court documents say

Roger Desilets was indicted yesterday, Friday, December 13, 2013, for manslaughter and assault and battery, nearly two years to the day since his wife died after going through a third story window of their Princeton, MA home. He will be arraigned January 2, 2014, in Worcester Superior Court.

So...not murder exactly, but something very like it, no? Assault and battery and manslaughter sounds an awful lot like murder to me but of course I do not know the intricacies of the law well enough to distinguish between the two, although there are degrees of each, and the defendant's state of mind at the time of the crime is very important. For more on the indictment, see The Landmark's breaking news.

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PRINCETON — On the night of her death, Kathleen Desilets smashed out a third floor window in her Princeton home with a chair and then went through it, either intentionally or because of momentum, her husband, Roger Desilets, told police. 
That incident followed a night of arguments about his extramarital affair, according to court documents related to the case that were released last week. Media representatives sought release of the documents to shed light on the Dec. 6, 2011, death of Mrs. Desilets, 65, at the Desilets home at 20 Worcester Road. - The Landmark
As an avid and regular reader of the Police Log (published by The Landmark) I can attest that in the early morning hours of December 6th (2:45 a.m.) an "assist medical" call for Worcester Road came in via an unidentified caller; the police log has another entry, this one at 3:07 a.m., stating an investigation was undertaken with no further details.

Rumors abound. There has been speculation in Jazzercise that the conflict wasn't about infidelity exactly, rather it is whispered that swinging was involved. It is widely known that there was a party on the evening of December 5, and that both the deceased and her husband were in attendance, along with other well-known town denizens; the rest of the guest list for that party is still a mystery. Princeton police are mum (as are other first responders) due to the fact that there is an ongoing investigation. 

Who knows what dark secrets are hidden in the bosoms of this small New England town??

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