Friday, March 8, 2013

Still Snowing 36 Hours Later

Yes indeed, the ski resort just up the road is reporting 17+ inches of fresh powder as of noon today; Raj is outside doing a little roof raking, scraping some of that fresh powder off our poor buried and icicled NEW WORD roof. It is blowing snow, 30 degrees F, winds gusting up to 25 MPH, and a "feels like" reading of 20 degrees F. Snow, even powdery snow is heavy. Very, very heavy...
Our nearest neighbor just called and asked Raj to knock the snow off some low-hanging, now snow-laden, so even lower-hanging evergreen branches in the driveway so he can plow us out. Our Dear Neighbor is also performing a mercy mission in the shape of a dairy delivery. Horror of horrors, this morning we finished the last of the half & half that we customarily have in our morning beverage, and tomorrow morning was shaping up as rather bleak until now.

Speaking of bleak, I sure do hate those dumb-asses in Washington, DC spending even more millions of our tax dollars to hold hearings about why the Sequester is so bad and awful. Because we didn't already  MEDIA HYSTERIA know that. But as so often happens in these trying times, I digress.