Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Because ... Wind Chill

Right now, at the onset of cocktail hour EST, it is 12 degrees F in Princeton. Tonight's low is forecast to be 4 degrees F with one caveat: wind chill readings will be as low as -18 degrees F, or as described in local parlance, "really fuckin' cold". I should be commended (as someone raised in the sunny environs of the Los Angeles area) for being out and about in parts of Boston today where high temperatures reached no more than 20 degrees F (I'm talking to you Chinatown, Leather District, and Southie), or as described in local parlance, "fuckin' cold".

Layers are good. Layers are very good. Down is a big help, and fleece; I even went so far as to invest some of my Holiday 2012 L.L. Bean largess (thanks, Mom!) in a pair of fleece insoles, which until very recently I didn't even know existed. Real cold of the "WIND-CHILL-INDEX-IS-LIKELY-TO-REACH-MINUS-15-TO-MINUS-24-DEGREES-FOR-AT-LEAST-3-HOURS" variety requires such accessories, apparently.