Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Year at The Fahm PRINT EDITION Now Available for Purchase!

For those of you who have been pining for the good old-fashioned BOOK book version of Our Year at The Fahm or, Blessed are the Cracked for they Shall Let in the Light, your fondest wish is now reality! Our Year at The Fahm PRINT EDITION is available immediately for purchase through the publisher:
Thank you again to all who contributed to this version, especially Jean Hayes, Jennifer Basquiat, RV Cummings, and Catharine A. Sowards. This edition has some new content and an expanded references section (as well as a spine!). I am reminded daily that I am lucky indeed to have so many willing and able to help me get this far. It feels pretty darn good to have completed this phase of the project.

The book will also be available via in approximately 10 days. However, I encourage you, Dear Readers, to purchase directly from the publisher, Create Space, here:
By doing so, more of your book buying power supports an independent self-publishing author, and less a mega Retailopolis new word and that's a very good thing!

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