Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vanity Fair's 2012 Hollywood Issue Could *Also* Use Some Help

15 years ago I cancelled my long-held subscription to Vanity Fair magazine because of their annual Hollywood issue. I was enraged at seeing a whole lotta white people on that cover (again), with the same token not-a-white person (or two) hidden behind the fold (again). So I wrote a letter to the magazine cancelling my subscription and telling them precisely why I was doing so.  

After all this time, it is utterly pathetic  to see that still and again Vanity Fair editors are fucking clueless when it comes to their "peculiar" perspective. The Annual Hollywood issue really needs to be renamed the Annual White Folks at Oscar Time issue, in keeping with the "integrity" of their reporting.  

But really, forget all that bigotry talk! Shade your eyes against the glare and just LOOK at all those white people!! 
From VanityFair.com
Makes me wanna bite people (again), and not in a fun way.

A comment here sums it up quite nicely: Hollywood has no imagination, no guts and no conscience.