Thursday, September 1, 2011

Graffiti Wars at The Fahm

At least three times since we have lived here, someone with pronounced political opinions and zero regard for private property has tagged a large rock next to the road which happens to be on Fahm property. Twice I've been out with textured stone spray paint to cover the graffiti, and now there has been a third incident. This time, in addition to reporting the latest incident to the Princeton Police Department, I flipped it on the culprit. See below for details.

The tag offends me on at least two levels. First, tagging our rock is illegal and invasive, and displays a lack of respect for private property; second, I think the current tea party is woefully misguided. My solution to the problem is below.
Our next step is to install a camera trap so we can get pictures next time our local patriot scofflaw tries something with spray paint!