Tuesday, April 5, 2011

$75 Million as of This Morning

...is what our government has spent to have 50 fighter jets and nearly 40 support aircraft operating in Libya.

According to HuffPo, The total U.S. costs for the Libya air campaign as of March 28 were $550 million, not counting normal deployment spending.

ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING? In light of the current budget stalemate in Washington, D.C.?? Really?? Wow! That's not just greed - that is f**king psychopathology!

How else is one to explain the utter disregard for those of us who supply those funds? GAWD.

Here's the latest budget proposal:
Over the next decade, [They] want to cut $389 billion from Medicare, the public health insurance program for seniors. Over the same period, [Their] budget puts $735 billion less toward Medicaid, which benefits Americans too poor to afford private insurance. Discretionary spending on domestic programs is also reduced by $923 billion. - HuffPo
To quote a commenter on HuffPo,
"...As teachers are fired, collective bargaining rights stripped, and countless American towns and cities [see: Detroit] transformed into third-world ghost towns, we lend Gaddafi and company billions at near-zero interest rates. "Sorry if you can't feed, clothe, or shelter your kids, but we just ain't got no money." Uh, right.

The most important thing we must all keep in mind is the following premise; this is intentional. You don't "accidentally" turn your back on the nation's homeowners and then lend billions/trillions to foreign dictators, corporations, and hedge funds ...You do this intentionally. As a matter of policy. You intentionally shower the already-rich with more riches, and suck the life out of the lifeless.

Before I turn this into an unreadable ramble, I'll say just on more thing. If you want to see the future of America, look to the nations who have already received the Washington-imposed IMF/World Bank treatment. They received the treatment at gunpoint, we are receiving it slightly more gradually due to that darn Constitution and that silly necessity to abide by (at least, appear to abide by) the rule of law. A handful of mega-billionaires, crumbling infrastructure, degraded public institutions, a militarized and increasingly brutal police force, and an oppressed people."
Really, I want to bite people - and not in a fun way.