Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's a Good Thing Ya'll Keep Austin Weird

...because when my plans went suddenly awry deep in the heart of downtown I was able to stomp my way back to Sanity (and a phone and a map) without a single discouraging word despite my very sweaty public dishevelment, indignant aura, and occasional muttered expletives.  A couple of posts ago I mentioned felix culpa, a series of Miserable Events that eventually lead to a Happier Outcome; the Miserable Events in this case involved riding shotgun in a car driving around direction-less on heavily trafficked urban freeways. After 48 hours of it I was sick, dizzy, cranky, disoriented, and ready to do something else. Before long, I found myself doing something else, all right,  I found myself walking up 5th St. with purpose and certainty.  My purpose was present but unclear not unusual; my certainty was that I would keep walking until I knew where I was going amid all ya'lls apparent obsession with strangely-horned cattle.*
The Miserable Events  (however miserable and eventful) did lead to a Happier Outcome. Had I not exited the wild ride when I did, I certainly would have missed Haus Frauing at Cousin Laurie's which would have been a horrible shame. Haus Frauing that evening was a blast even if Cousin Richard did deliver me there, again sweaty, disheveled, and this time also a little sunburned. Right then my sweaty dishevelment was far more enjoyable than earlier in the day, likely due to the fact that Richard was dropping me off at Laurie's after a very long, lovely drive in his sporty black convertible through the early spring of Texas Hill Country...

* On our way to the Clay Pit to have lunch with Olivia, my friend Tori gave us a quick tour of the downtown area near campus. As we drew near Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium,

she practically drawled, "You know there's another religion here in TEXAS, right? It's called FOOTBALL."