Friday, March 18, 2011

I'll Admit to Being a Teensy Bit Discouraged

Spring 2011 has found me a teensy bit discouraged...I find myself stymied on pretty much every creative front particularly this blog which after nearly two years of writing, hasn't amounted to much other than a way to keep my family updated...I admit that i had hopes this blog would become larger than itself ala but without the financial resources and connections to Martha Stewart that Beekman1802 had, I simply have not prevailed in the endeavor. 

I have a core group of readers but that core group has not grown in the last six months or more - and growth is key to financial success on the intertubenets...


To further intensify the Extra Stencils, Raj and I are nearing a decision point about where to go next...back to Berkeley? Over to Northampton? Rent a place here in Princeton?