Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is This, Boot Camp? Hell Week?

It's easy to get confused, what with the twice a day workouts and all, getting snow and ice off the roof(s) before the next cold snap and/or snow surge.  We've had a couple of days 'warm' enough for the ice icicles to start some serious melting, although we still ended up on a ladder just outside the kitchen window armed with a mini sledge hammer and prote21ctive eye-ware, literally beating back the ice. I ordered a 20' long roof rake from the internets which should arrive before the next storm; in the meantime, Our Dear Neighbor David loaned us theirs for the afternoon so Raj tackled the tall roof while I banged away at the kitchen.

We've had two leaks so far, both in the kitchen just over the back door, once briefly joined by a leak over the sink.  We put out our buckets, put on our snow shoes, hats, gloves, and the rest of the thirty-nine layers required, then waddle around back for more de-icing.  As the removal proceeds, the leaks get smaller and then stop entirely which is how we know we're hitting the appropriate spots.  
After a couple of days of relatively warm temperatures, the weather turned exceptionally cold again so everything froze again, adding ice on walking surfaces to the list of Things to Love About New England Winter I've been compiling.  I have also begun an apprenticeship in Salt Sprinkling on Snow, a key skill for survival around here.
Sprinkling salt on ice sounds just like Pop Rocks candy which is a cheerful sound and I quite enjoyed my useful little chore.

Since then, loud roars and thumps announce the downfall of even the largest of the Malevolent Beasties.  Raj wants to drag them all into a circle and stand them up on end, thereby creating Icehenge  here at The Fahm.  Whether we do that or not, we have piles and stumps of pale blue-colored ice all over the place, looking like refugees from The Island of Misfit Glass Bricks.

I love that ice-y ice blue color...