Friday, February 4, 2011

Speaking of Threat Level Red

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas on the right
It may be hard to believe but I find the one on the right just as threatening as the one on the left ('left' in this case being a relative term).
"Thomas’s role as a de facto tea party lobbyist and — until recently — as head of a tea party group that worked to defeat Democrats last November “show a new level of arrogance of just not caring that the court is being politicized and how that undermines the historic image of the Supreme Court as being above the political fray,” said Arn Pearson, a lawyer for Common Cause, the left-leaning government watchdog group.
“It raises additional questions about whether Justice Thomas can be unbiased and appear to be unbiased in cases dealing with the repeal of the health care reform law or corporate political spending when his wife is working to elect members of the tea party and also advocating for their policies.”" - From Politico
The thing that freaks me out the most about 'Ginni' though, is her phone call last October to Anita Hill wherein 'Ginni' asked Professor Hill to apologize. To Clarence Thomas. The request is a clear indicator of 'Ginni's' delusional state in that she believes the victim owes the perpetrater an apology. Was it f**king backwards that day in 'Ginni's' head? Did she wake up in the middle of a f**king Twister TM game that day?
We should be afraid, very afraid. After all, she's got connections and isn't afraid to use them - she's on record with that.