Friday, December 31, 2010

2011: The Year We Find Hard Little Nuggets of Life to Rejoice About Together

On the Eve of the 2011 New Year, I find myself thinking Deep Thoughts about the Meaning of Life - 'My Life,' specifically...This is, after all, the year that I mark my 50th birthday.  To be perfectly honest, My Life has not turned out in any of the ways I imagined it might, Back in The Day. AND in keeping with a certain popular saying, despite the fact that Life is not The Party we intended, we should nevertheless DANCE.  I know that I will still wake up tomorrow morning, indeed as I do almost every morning, wondering, "Why am I here?" And, I am equally certain that no matter what transpires in 2011, there will be much to laugh at, and much to rejoice about, as that is essentially How I Am.  

Let us laugh then together, let us find the hard little nuggets of life to rejoice about together. I will LAFF in the Face of Danger, HA HA!!