Monday, November 1, 2010

My Turn in The Bahn

While David and Raj worked on the Tractor, I entertained myself by loading garbage from The Bahn into the Gigantic Dumpster Raj arranged to have delivered.  

Since Raj did the truly hellish work of sorting and organizing The Bahn's contents, I thought it only fair that I should assist in the disposal of same. Thoughtfully, all items destined for the dump were set aside...

and the dumpster placed conveniently nearby.

Mike wandered out and helped with the heavy stuff as did David Oles, understandably in Kevlar. Mike went back inside and recruited Jacob to help him carry things down from the attic for the dumpster, and so it became an all family event.

Raj plans to rearrange the remaining Bahn contents so as to have an open space in the center, and that's when we're gonna have our HOOTENANNY.