Monday, October 18, 2010

"You're Not Going to Snap My Leg Off at The Hip Like a Barbie Doll...Right?"

In my quest for chronic pain relief, I have turned to chiropractic medicine to supplement that of my primary care provider. Call me crazazy, but even at my Spring Chicken age of 49 years old, I *really* do not think a life of chronic pain is in my best interests. 


Raj mentioned that he'd seen a new chiropractic office just opened up the road in Princeton Center so I decided to investigate.
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I discovered that a talented, empathic, and intuitive Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine has recently set up shop right here in Princeton! Dr. Michael S. Morgan, Jr., DC, to put it bluntly, ROCKS. Despite my fears...

Doc Morgan has provided not only pain relief but validation that the pain I experience is in fact, real and legitimate...which is huge for fibromyalgia - or any other kind of - patients.  Not only has he not dismembered me, he has
pushed forward my fact-finding mission in really positive ways, as well as providing some serious non-drug-related pain relief.  WOO HOO!!

It is only a matter of time before my former physicality reasserts itself...
...and I've even had the temerity to order a pair of DANCE shoes in anticipation:
That's right, I'm about to get my DANCE on - stand back!