Thursday, October 7, 2010

Because of This Guy...

I went OUT OF MY WAY to try to do yoga today...but when I couldn't find our cassette player for my favorite yoga tape I had to do Tai Chi instead because R. Albert Mohler, Jr., a Southern Baptist preacher, had to go open his big mouth and say that yoga is an anti-Christian practice.


This is (apparently) the post in which I "out" myself as a Christian (I know, scary, don't be afraid), albeit a Progressive Christian, the type of Christian to whom this sort of RIDICULOUSNESS is not only embarrassing but also incomprehensible. Some of my richest spiritual experiences have taken place on a yoga mat and for some uptight freak of a White Guy... say this violates tenants of Christian belief...well, I think he's grasping at straws and likely afraid of something, like maybe losing some measure of control over his flock due to reasons beyond not only his control but also beyond his (in)ability to grasp complexities, subtleties, and nuances.

Jesus in heaven - among others - is writhing in embarrassment and rolling His eyes at you right now, R. Albert. Geez dude, STAND THE F**K DOWN. And SHUT THE F**K UP.