Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back at The Fahm

This morning as Raj and I were waking up and chatting about our plans for the day, I mentioned that I was going to harvest and process tomatoes.  Raj sighed heavily then said, "That's the problem when you come back to The Fahm - there are chores to be done..." In all honesty, harvesting and processing produce from our land only feels like a chore when the sheer abundance of everything is apparent.  Other than that, it is incredibly satisfying to be making sauces and chutneys and salsas that we will eat for the rest of the year...

I harvested 15 pounds of tomatoes this cool, Fall-ish morning. I used the crock pot to make stewed tomatoes with about a third of the crop, made BBQ sauce with another third, and blanched, peeled, and froze the last third whole. Now it is nearly time to make dinner, and we will not be having tomatoes.

Yesterday I harvested half a pound of green beans, so tonight we are having a Viet Namese-inspired combination of crispy green beans and rice vermicelli noodles over chopped lettuce, mint, cilantro, and Thai basil, lightly dressed with a sweet/tart peanut rice vinegar sauce, topped with crushed peanuts.