Thursday, September 2, 2010

1956 Ford 600 Tractor

I am not at all clear as to how it happened, but due to some intense lobbying on Raj's part, we now essentially own shares in a REAL tractor, with Our Dear Neighbors, The Oles.  David purchased the tractor and we purchased the sickle bar, and ever since, David and Raj have been cleaning Her various parts of oil and farm dirt and rust accumulated since the McCarthy Era. Once her gears and parts were clean, the Gentlemen began the arduous task of Coaxing Tractor's Sensitive & Moody Engine to start reliably.

When She does consent to fire up, that Spotty Pile of Scrap Iron transforms into a Gorgeously Roaring Behemoth they have visions of taming and putting to work in our fields. Right now She is parked outside Our Barn, rubbing Her claws together like a Lobster, and snuffling about for Gasoline which She is addicted to, and drinks by the gallon.
She sees you...