Friday, August 27, 2010


I spent the bulk of the first part of the day today cleaning pantry shelves in the kitchen.  Not only do we have a moth infestation therein, but it seems also that, according to the evidence, we have a significant number of mice there as well, mice that exude poo pellets the way adolescent boys exuded Aramis back in the day.

I threw out everything that was open, vacuumed the shelves, and wiped them down with bleach spray before putting those things that survived the purge back in their places. The mice in this cupboard had a particular fondness for the plastic packets of imported Indian Pickle stored therein; Indian Pickle is not for the faint of heart being very spicy, very salty, and very, very HOT.  Clearly these mice are/were serious as to their pillaging.

I do not want to KILL these mice but I do want them to leave my cupboards alone...traditional mouse traps are out of the question, humane traps slightly less so, and poison is not an option. 

Suggestions, O Wise Readers?