Saturday, October 17, 2009

Open Season!

Raj and I heard what we thought was gunfire in the distance, this morning, very early.  I checked the Massachusetts Division of Fishery and Wildlife's website for information, and got a link to another online document, this one very useful, simply called Hunting Dates. Sure enough!  Today, October 17th, marks the beginning of hunting season in this area for pheasant, quail, ruffled grouse (uh...i'd be "ruffled" too!), cottontail rabbit, coyote, deer (only for archers - deer hunters with shotguns have to wait another 6 weeks), gray squirrel (sorry, Joel!), opossum, raccoon, and snowshoe hare. However, NO HUNTING ON SUNDAY.

We've already got our bright orange and neon yellow safety vests to wear as we wander around outside in the woods - David Oles recommended we have them on hand, and wear them, as a precaution when we're out and about during the Season.  It seems that the Season is indeed upon us! 

For someone who has spent the vast majority of her life in sub/urban areas, gunfire in the distance is almost always a very bad sign. I've got a little bit of a learning curve obviously, since in this neighborhood, gunfire in the distance is actually a sign of good times, and will likely not be followed by the wail of emergency sirens, hostage negotiations, and S.W.A.T. teams.